that was the largest and longest funeral procession I’ve ever viewed— endless array of caskets and varied condolences. not the happiest of endings, but there will be solace in the peace that closure brings. may these victims and survivors alike now rest.



"sexy" is in the beholder’s eye, and all her components aren’t physical.

"When the rain falls it don’t fall on one man’s house top."
- Marley, Robert Nesta; “So Much Things To Say”
yesterday, before the rain. (at Lake Norman State Park)
small, southern city. (at Historic Downtown Statesville (DSDC))
quick trip.. ✌️
candy/curls in the coupe with the ugly faces. “they feelin’ us.” 💨

I put in the brown because well, that’s how it’s meant to be. #personalcartoon #yagalifefact #nogoals #redo #effit